too much fun, people

well, in an effort to find my camera cable, i did what any self-respecting person who knows anything about karma would do:

i bought a new one, realizing that by purchasing a new one, opening it and using it, i'd instantly find my other one.

i'm still waiting for the other, but it will reappear soon enough.

anyhow, i dropped pei off at the airport about an hour ago, and now i'm bummed, because i had a great weekend. it was so much fun! we did many things that were silly, many things that were not. in true (albeit lately somewhat neglected) heatherfeather fashion, i present the photo essay with BIG PICTURES.

we got pedicures

getting a pedicure

and pei lo mein peer pressured herself into getting flowers on her pedicure
asian pedicure

we posed in front of the mountains at the end of my street
pei and heather in front of the mountains
(good lord, i look like crap)

and pei pretended she was asian
pei pretending she's asian

we ate at chipotle (okay, yes, i realize they're everywhere, but whatever. it's my story)
pei pretending i'm not taking her picture at chipotle

and we ate korean bbq

(i forgot to get pictures of this, so you'll just have to pretend)

we went to the getty and saw the photography exhibit called "where we live." that was what i really wanted to see. so we went into the south building or whatever, and saw the main floor which was sorta meh, we went upstairs and looked at some classical art which was also sorta meh, and finally, i said "let's really go see where we live!" because i've never seen where we live, evidently. so we went down level, and walked in to the gallery. at which point my friend alan turned immediately around, proclaiming "this is NOT where we live." so we went down one more level. i learned that day that there are antler archways andd people camping and falling down houses where we live, but very few people. which made me sad because it's the people that interest me. anyhow, here we are over l.a. we would have taken pictures over the ocean, but the sun was setting and it would have taken out your retinas.
at the getty, over LA

here's alan, too
heather and alan

yesterday, we went to a local winery and tasted, duh, wines. i bought a bottle of sauvignon blanc/semillion melange which was super yummy and extra dry. our friendly wine expert tim was kind enough to let me photograph him doing something wine experty, like pouring wine. or in the case of this picture, pretending to pour wine.
tim, our wine expert

we also found cutout campy photograph scenarios. so i took a picture of pei who was unhappy to be stomping grapes, even WITH her excellent cleavage
pei hates stomping grapes
(proof that lifting your skirt and having excellent cleavage doesn't make you happy)

and me, all too delighted to be hopping up and down on grapes
i love stomping grapes!

before taking her to the airport this morning, we had breakfast and the most excellent guasti cafe, and tried to burn a cd with pictures on it just for her. alas, it was not to be had. so i'm going to compress the photos into a bunch of zip folders and email them to her. or send her a cd through the mail, because who doesn't like getting mail? NOT ME! i miss her, and can't wait to hang out again sometime in the future... because that'd be rockalicious.

if you'd like to see all the pictures (and this WAS most of them) please feel free to click on the crossing for danger tractors thumbnail.

danger tractor crossing


particleman Tuesday, December 05, 2006 6:19:00 pm  

wait, i'm confused. did you or didn't you stomp on buckets of grapes? "it would be cooler if you did."

Anonymous Tuesday, December 05, 2006 11:19:00 pm  

correction: there is not chipotle everywhere. there is no chipotle in iowa. hence the 35 lb. weight loss on my part. but god i miss it (almost as much as i miss you guys).
hehehe, peipei pretending to be asian. nice try.

Steve Wednesday, December 06, 2006 10:35:00 am  

No Korean food pictures? That's a shame. Did y'all have Bulgoki? Bibimbap? Kalbi? Chapchae? Ojingo? Poshintang? Kimchi? Panchan? Orange slices for dessert? Former Korean linguists want to know!

Anonymous Thursday, December 07, 2006 12:55:00 am  

those pictures looked WAY better in your camera. i'm thinking they should've stayed locked away in your memory card. i guess its a bit late for that now. thanks for a fantastic weekend (oh great, now it sounds like we had a little getaway). i'm completely whelmed.


littlegoat Tuesday, December 12, 2006 12:19:00 pm  

Look at Alan's hair! Oh, how precious. (:

heatherfeather Tuesday, December 12, 2006 6:32:00 pm  

yes littlegoat. he looks very l.a. these days. in fact, when i first saw him, i said "omigod, you look SO l.a.!"

but i'm sure i sounded less ditzy than it's coming across here.

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