merry freakin' christmas everyone.

in an effort to increase my christmas spirit, yesterday i did the following:

got a pedicure. when asked if i wanted a design on my toes, i exclaimed, "YES!"
she asked if i wanted flowers or a christmas design, and i opted for the christmas design. which resulted in one of the ugliest pedicure designs i've ever seen. at the risk of bringing on the foot fetishists, here's a shot of the green and white snowflake:

christmas toes

i came home, turned on the christmas lights, and started making dough for GF sugar cookies. while the dough was chillin' in the fridge, the pants came over and brought me expensive persian food all the way from irvine... yum! that part is totally unrelated to christmas spirit, but is rather an illustration of how he's a fantastic bf.

after dinner, pants had his first sugar cookie experience. i taught him to roll the dough, we cut out the cookies and baked them. me, being a dork, forgot the second batch in the oven because we currently have a defunct microwave, and our oven timer is on the microwave. so they got about 5 extra minutes (pretty significant on a 6-minute cookie). half are well done. anyhow, then we made green and pink red icing to frost the cookies. pants did about 2 before declaring he didn't have the patience for that particular task. sadly, neither did i, but i pressed on.

and now the cookies look like a 2nd grader on LSD decorated them. if i had kids, i'd TOTALLY tell you they decorated the cookies.

GF christmas cookies

here's a particularly terrible section:

klassy christmas cookie decorations
look ugly, taste gooooooooood

i also made mulled cranberry cider.

mulled cranberry cider

that's the smell proustitute was speaking of in this comment. this didn't turn out so well, either. my fatal flaw was looking up a recipe on the internet. i've never used a recipe before. heck, i'd never even heard of it before i just decided to make it out of the blue about 10 years ago. so, i sorta followed a recipe and it came out way too freakin' sweet. so i cut it with water, and added too much into the pot. (the mug i had came out well with a little water added) so, i'm going to possibly remake that later today.

i also have another half section of cookie dough in the fridge to roll out and possibly take a second shot at decorating.

maybe not.


Anonymous Sunday, December 17, 2006 6:13:00 pm  

break me off a piece of that christmas spirit when you finally get some. i'm in sore need. the holidays just bring out the worst in people -- between strangers especially.

i was amused, though, by some jewish woman's egregious rage with an hispanic, and very apologetic, rite aid manager for his store not carrying chuanaka supplies (for the record, though, i spied menorah cards and a fair helping of generic holiday merch).

i want to follow in the footsteps of brooke h. (i found her on myspace, yo!) and see gwar, as she did last night. reveling in a primal, dramatic humbug would do me some good. ;)

Anonymous Tuesday, December 19, 2006 2:57:00 pm  

oh man! is it the expensive persian food from irvine that i'm thinking of? i'm drooling at my desk. not a good way to get a holiday bonus...

and those are some freakin' ugly cookies. blame it on elves.

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