goodly sin and sunshine in

it's a funny sort of mood that i have found.

i'm in a nick drake sort of space. but not in the blue monkey sort of way. but in the quiet, thoughtful way.

i am not motivated to knit the gull stitch cardigan (i'm still on the back, because i got bored waiting for the armscyes to pass... have 3 more inches before neck shaping). i'm really not motivated to work on mr. pants' scarf either.

and because i'm a big fat liar, i bought a skein of cherry tree hill supersock in peacock. and am knitting 2 toe-up stockinette socks and not really hating it at all. see, the problem with me and socks is that i really really WANT to want to knit socks. i want to love the process. and the genesis of this desire is that i am in love with sock yarn. i want to make socks that are goregeous and handknit and lacey and cabley and ribbed. i love eye of partridge and dutch heel flaps. i love figure-8 cast ons and short row heels. but why don't i love sock knitting? i dunno.

mr. pants is going to be working millions of hours a week for the next few months (millions of hours is around 85-90), when coupled with the distance, means time in each others' presence will be few and far between, but that much more rare and lovely, like a wild bird.


semaphoria Saturday, October 28, 2006 10:01:00 am  

liar, liar - my goodness i hope mr. pants isn't on fire! i love socks because of their delicious simplicity - i totally recommend stockinette because of this.

The Grunt Sunday, October 29, 2006 2:27:00 pm  

I totally get the Nick Drake thing. In fact, I started this morning listening to "The River Man".

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