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i'm currently knitting rusted root in brown sheep cotton fleece (sedona red). the bizarro thing is that is the yarn used in the pattern picture, that had been languishing in my stash. in the same color. i usually won't knit something in the same color as the pattern - sometimes the same yarn, but it typically offends my sensibilities to be int he same yarn, same color. oh well. it's about 2/3 finished.

last weekend, while mr. pants and his bro were playing with r/c cars, i ran to joann's and picked up 4 gigantic skeins of lion brand fishermen's wool and started knitting the aran sweater on the label. out of sheer boredom. i was using boye balene straights. which are WAY too slow for virgin wool, so i'm going to transfer it to either my addi's or the slick susan bates acrylics that i can never remember the name of. but i'll probably recast the whole thing because it looks like crap and i ran out of stitch markers. it wasn't really a sweater with a purpose, it gave me something to do with my hands when i was watching as the nissan silvia and the 350-Z in 1:20 scale zipped around my feet and antagonized ernie.

and last night, my sister and i went to a newish lys in riverside, closeknit. it was far better stocked than many of the lys i've seen in the 909, and she says she has the largest stock of sock yarn in the area. if only i didn't hate knitting socks. but i bought some cascade yarns ecological wool in mediumish brown (there's a reason i don't have a marketing degree, whatever that may be).

i've been eyeing leigh radford's gull stitch cardigan for about a year, and i swatched tonight on my inox metal 10.5 circs (they're new! i love them!) and i'm going to cast on tomorrow. how much fun is it to knit a sweater on 10.5s! yay for bulky yarn, big needles, and instant gratification sweaters!

i still have about 1/2 of mr. pants' scarf to go - but rectangular scarves bore me a little.

okay, they bore me a lot, so i knit a bit here and there. but i'll finish it because mr. pants wanted a black scarf, by gum. and i love me some mr. pants.

if only he wanted a gull stitch cardigan. if only i weren't afraid of the sweater curse.


Unknown Saturday, October 14, 2006 9:57:00 pm  

Boys always want black scarves. Girls always want to knit sweaters. It's that whole Mars/Venus thing playing out in the craft store.

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