people who make you enormously happy

several enormously lovely things have happened to me today. the only one i'm a-gonna talk about right now is that i got a postcard from patrick/pat/that'll-be-nigel-with-the-brie.

he's an amazing writer (i'm going to re-read his novel-in-process this weekend... it was so good i was a little mad at him for not having finished writing it yet) with a silly sense of humor who uses literary words i have to look up like ruritanian without seeming cocky and forgives me my telephonic phobia so generously.

in fact he makes me want to run to massachusetts with a bottle of wine and a baby seal in a picnic basket with an array of fingerpaint.


thank you for the card - you should be the moon as your eyes are blue.

i am the same, and thus remain -

any number of your scattered and lovely verbs,

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