can't be too cohesive yet

i've had a long day with a cranky baby.

it was 73 degrees today. weird.

lady eleanor has two balls and change. of yarn.

that shouldn't be nearly as funny as it is to me.

but it's not as funny as beaverslide yarn.

i like this knitty surprise. it's basically what i had envisioned (with a different cable pattern) for the not-a-sweater experience.

i'm toooooooootally done with this quarter. the calendar, however, says it has 2 weeks left.

stupid calendar.

i had an unexpected, totally welcome, and somewhat loopy phone call last night that made me feel the happies.

my dad's headstone came in last week. my mom saw it today and said it made her sadder than she'd realized.

there are whole days when i forget he's gone.

there are whole days where i don't feel sad anymore.

i think these are both good things.

i got a letter from yaymee today. she sent it on february 2nd. i read the first page (pei, fritzie, and crazy mara, if you haven't gotten yours yet, she says that she was going to write them right after she finished mine. so you should have them soon if you don't have them already.) and realized i needed to read it later when i can actually pay attention to it.

i have to do my stupid homework now.


jay are Tuesday, February 28, 2006 4:02:00 am  

and so now my interest is piqued regarding that loopy phone call! :) it's always great to get fun surprises like that....

and it's so poignant, that about your pa...hope your mom is hanging in there. You too...

alpineflower Tuesday, February 28, 2006 10:43:00 am  

I totally thought of you when I saw that Surprise. It's a fabulous not-a-sweater!

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