my lovely lady lumps might be smaller if i didn't like any of them

i think it's fascinating that when i was younger, i HATED butter, salt, and bacon. now, i like them. with some exceptions (except for salt which i just love).

i don't like butter on pancakes, french toast, or waffles. in fact i LOATHE it on those foods. i prefer butter on not hot bread, unless it's a super chewy sourdough roll. it's okay on plain ravioli with pepper.

i really don't like bacon on sammiches. i like it on its own, on salads, on some soups, and potato skins. but not on sammiches - especially BLTs (which i just don't care for ) or burgers.

and now i have "my humps" stuck in my head. (fergie's lovely lady lumps sure are lovely though...)

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