i have a headache.

my favorite shirt sucks because it gets insanely wrinkly making me look like crap and having wasted that time making it look flat in the first place.

i'm tired.

i'm out of allergy meds and have no walgreens in nyc.

i know how i can fix the last one but just don't want to have the hassle.

the wonder of the internet

you go to a site which links to another site which links to a site again linking to yet another. then, the site you've most recently been to links you back to the original site you started down this linktastic expedition. since you'd originally been to the first site, a new posting has come up, and you find out that you should say

the insane cupcake baking and dinner parties fall into place now. when we get together for knitting, i'll buy you a cupcake. or a pint. you might be cupcaked out. :)

if you're in new orleans

and you're reading this (i think there are still 2-3 people) then that's good because you have power, and let me know you're ok please.

why i love haiku-girl

So there is this boy. He’s wickedly clever. With a voice like butterscotch pudding. And in true form, I mostly want to hide under my bed. I mostly want him to go away. I mostly want to kiss him in the hallway

avec lunettes

hey, knitting!

mariah progress (1)

this is a progress shot of mariah.

mariah progress

this is a shot with a much better representation of the actual color

these are slightly out of date. i've got the back and left front on stitch holders, and have to knit the second sleeve and the right front.

see? i been knitting.

jess, let's knit. i'll email you!

why cherz is rockalicious

1. he makes fun flash videos when one is sad.

2. he tells us the letters he typed to verify he is not spam.

3. he's my best fred's friend and gets to see her a ton and sometimes makes delish food for her fambly.

thanks cherzish-creature!

and if any of you were wondering, i am feeling somewhat happier today.

stupid hormones. i hate them.

i know weird, funny people

just a sampling of great things my friends have said over the years (i'll likely update this periodically as i think of more funnies):

maryam: "babies"

david: [reading a box of smart start cereal] "maybe you're only supposed to read the red letters on the box: A-S-T-R-T. ass-tart."

crazy mara: [running through a hail storm] "ow! stop throwing things at me, colorado!"

james the chick: "Grasshoppers when fried with lime and garlic, just taste like little fried garlic, lime crunchies."

yaymee: "pronghorn!"

You are bamboo.
Warm, cozy, and thoughtful, you take your time and
enjoy how things feel, smell, and taste. You
love the craft and beauty of traditional
things, and you value the comfort and
experience of knitting as much as the results.
But while you are reveling in your warm cozies,
don't get stuck. Warm is wonderful, but so is
the whole wide world!

What kind of knitting needles are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

i'm having a sad day today...

it's hard to put emotion on my face, and i am absolutely unmotivated about everything.

it doesn't help that i've forgotten to take my regular allergy medicine which makes me process and react slowly, or that they put almonds in the vegetables and i had to take benadryl which makes me process and react MORE slowly as well as puts me to sleep...

elephant feelings last night didn't help i suspect...

i am so busy these days, i beg your forgiveness for not being an interesting blogger.

but you gotta do what you gotta do.

makes life easier

what does?

cable knitting without a cable needle. it's just one less thing to keep track of, no matter the amount of clea-vage involved...

hey kids

i've added word verification to the comments.

thanks to the spammers for making us have an extra step!

wait... WHAT?!

would you like a pair of milk socks?

pat robertson advocated the assassination of the venezuelan leader.

i swear i've been knitting!

i have the back of mariah on a holder and started the left front piece!

i made a prototype ipod cozy last night (need to remake it in smaller yarn and smaller gauge so it looks less like an outlet cover and come up with a quick and fun way to fasten it closed. and do some sort of crazy intarsia sort of rocktastic symbol)

i am going on a yarn hunt to make someone a beanie (happy now?)

i've made and frogged like 4 different peruvian hats (i don't think this pattern is working for me)

i bought a shawl pattern (yes, i paid money for a pattern) for my sister and downloaded one for the mother... just need yarn.*

i have some random pictures waiting (of course) to be uploaded.... this not having internet access at home thing is KILLING ME.

just so's you know.

*i'm having a heck of a time getting a login at knitpicks... GROWL!

when is your birthday?

okay so here's the thing

erik, i told yaymee that you said the two are you are pretty much best friends now (i have the original statement saved and it is, "i'm pretty sure we're best friends now, which is awesome.")

i think she's down with that.

remember to buy your best friend's really good friend, hf cool stuff to keep in with your best friends. it makes you look like a good guy.

and i mean COOL STUFF, not "cool" stuff.

that's just my nickel's worth of free advice for you on a monday.

burning daylight

1. First name? heather
2. Were you named after anyone? nope
3. Do you wish on stars? yes
4. When did you last cry? probably a few months ago - i don't really remember
5. Do you like your handwriting? sometimes. it's a little schizophrenic though
6. What is your favorite lunch meat? cheese
7. What is your birth date? may 27, 1977
8. What is your most embarrassing CD? the party
9. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you? you betcha
10. Do you have a journal? does this count?
11. Do you use sarcasm a lot? never.
12. What are your nicknames? heatherfeather, muffinhead, heater
13. Would you bungee jump? negator, skelator
14. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off ? no. i usually don't wear shoes with laces, either.
15. Do you think that you are strong? i could lift you and yo' mama
16. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? strawberry or mint chocolate chip
17. Shoe Size? 8.5-9ish
18. Red or pink? pink?
19. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? i get sad a lot
20. Who do you miss most? my family
21. Do you want everyone you send this to, to send it back? meh, either way
22. What color pants and shoes are you wearing? who says i'm wearing either? okay, i'm wearing brown pants and brown shoes
23. What are you listening to right now? folkalley.com
24. Last thing you ate? caffe americano
25. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? green
26. Last person you talked to on the phone? my sister
27. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? eyes and smile
29. Do you like the person who sent this to you? yup
28. Alcohol? as long as it's not gin
29. Hair Color? black/dark brown with cinnamon highlights
30. Favorite sport? Soccer or hockey
31. Do you wear contacts? yes
32. Favorite Food? Indian or sushi... can't decide
33. Last Movie You Watched? charlie and the chocolate factory
34. Favorite day Of the Year? 4th sunday of advent
35. Summer or winter? winter
36. Hugs or Kisses? depends if you're european
37. What Is Your Favorite Dessert? brownies?
38. Most likely to respond? i'm not sending this out
39. Least Likely To Respond? people not reading this
40. Living Arrangements? in denver, alone with my dog. in ny, alone ina house with 400 other chicks
41. What Books Are You Reading? Biohazard (Alibek), a higher form of killing (don't remember), demon in the freezer (preston), skinny legs and all (robbins), the mammoth cheese (don't remember)
42. What’s on Your Mouse Pad? Dell
43. What Did You Watch Last Night? nada
44. Favorite Smells? rain, jasmine, snow, yummy boy, amazing grace philosophy
45. Favorite Sounds? Thunder and rainstorms, howling wind, acoustic guitar, dog yawns
46. Rolling Stones or Beatles? beatles
47. What’s the farthest you’ve been from home? the philippines
48. Do you have a special talent? i can ride a unicycle

just in case...

...you aren't reading erik's blog, here's a perfect example of why you should.


what the headline actually said:

North Koreans visit South's legislature as rivals wrap up joint

what the headline meant to say:

North Koreans visit South's legislature as rivals wrap up joint celebrations of liberation

a happy heatherfeather

is one that gets her contacts in the mail after forgetting to bring extras and tearing the sole pair she has, forcing her to wear glasses in the hot, sticky city for 10 days...

is that allowed?

so, sass tagged me on behalf of thomas. thomas, had an, "eh, sure" sort of response.

i had started doing this already, so, here's what i'd started.

10 years ago: summer vacation between high school and college. just a lot of hanging out with family and friends, and LT people from RC. i'm assuming. i don't really remember all that clearly.

5 years ago: living in georgia, in just moving into an apartment WITHOUT ROOMMATES for the first time. a funny little duplex with a ladder-access loft for my bed. the pup was less than a year old and had never slept with me because i was hardcore when i got him, and then when i was ready for puppy co-sleeping, he was incapable of climbing a ladder. they painted the house TURQUOISE with WHITE AND PINK trim when i first moved in and told me that if i asked them to fix the fence one more time they'd tear it down. (!?!?) still on summer vacation in the middle of my internship.

1 year ago: living in denver, working at the hospital. setting a new personal sneeze record that has yet to be broken - but i still have something to work for! obsessed with damian rice's o - an obsession yet to be fully quelled. (funny how i'm much clearer on the details from 5 years ago than i was about 1 year ago) had a water leak in my apartment which led to my bordello red happiness.

Yesterday: work, dinner, then to casbah rouge for some cocktails, live music, and bellydancing germans.

Today: working working working, maybe some napping. drinking many glasses of water.

Tomorrow: work, subway, reading, after work friday cocktails with maryam.

5 snacks I enjoy: hot 'n' spicy cheez-its, plain cheez-its, ritz crackers, crispy m&m's, graham crackers, and oranges.

5 bands/singers that I know the lyrics of MOST of their songs: ani difranco, oingo boingo, the cure, dar williams, john denver

Things I would do with $100,000,000: oh, i misread that... i thought it said "things i would do FOR $100,000,000." um, pay off debt, buy a car in cash, maybe put a really significant down payment on a house if i could decide where to live. man, when did i get to be such a grownup?

5 locations I'd like to run away to: eh, it doesn't matter - i get tired of a place once i've been there.

5 bad habits I have: knuckle/back/neck cracking, chewing gum, finishing peoples' sentences, not finishing things,

5 things I like doing: knitting, playing guitar, reading, watching movies, caffeinating

5 things I would never wear: a skunk, anything made of sand, pasties, shoes made to resemble kidneys, ross perot.

5 TV shows I like: alias, gilmore girls, the closer, whose line is it anyway, the amazing race

5 movies I like: grosse pointe blank, anne of green gables, fight club, blue, o brother where art thou

5 famous people I'd like to meet: none really. i don't really have things to say to many people i don't know anyway, and famous people are just people i don't know. (ex., "hey, you're that chick!" nothing accomplished)

5 biggest joys at the moment: my job, my work, my dog, my guitar, and the fact that i'm getting my hair done for the first time since december on saturday.

5 favorite toys: slinky, iPod, yarn, guitar, nail file

tagging? um, if you cared enough about me to read it, then i'm tagging you.

fire, fire buring bright, turn on your hot lava, turn on your lava light...

this is the hot lava. it's not as victorian as it looks here:

Hot Lava FO (6)

so here's a rare action shot because it's not too obscene:

Hot Lava FO (4)

here's the back:

Hot Lava FO (11)

i don't love how the back looks when it's on, but my consolation is that i can't see it.

i learned that i need to pay more attention to my rows on my gauge swatch, because my rows were WAY off on my sweater, making the back really big and the sleeves WAY longer than fingertip length. however, it'll be good during the winter with sleeves that length when i can't be bothered to find my gloves. i did get 2 unsolicited compliments however when i wore it at work on monday, so that's good. i did only 8 rows of the repeats on the bolero (my bust size called for 15) but if I were to do it again i'd have done 10 repeats instead of 8, but it's fine like it is.

so that's it for that bad boy... i guess i need to stop putting off mariah and work on it now...

now that's funny to me

one of the most popular books for detainees in Gitmo is Harry Potter VI.

hot lava oh oh oh oh oh

i kept thinking of the song hot lava by the b-52s when i was knitting it.

but it's finished.

and i should go back and finish it some more, but it will suffice for now!

pictures later.

magic loop is fun and saves you from the agony of dpns, especially if you're thinking of making a pinwheel blankie!

hurrah for babies!

a big congratulations and sloppy kisses to my cousins monica and tim on the birth of their healthy baby girl, megan maureen on saturday morning.

and a healthy toast to monica for delivering a 10lb 7 oz baby.


i knew she was cool.

does anyone remember...

...what blog has the game where you stack things (not heavy things just many things) on your cat? the name of the game sounds like a cowboy name.

because i know folks who would be very good at that game:

i have an ache

i ache in my head from the, well, headache.

but even more difficult is how much i ache in my heart without my guitar. even though i hadn't played much before leaving denver, i would usually at least pick up the guitar for 5 minutes a day or so...

and i'm still stuck on "center of your heart" by matthew lee, and all i want to do is play that song and make it my own (google around until you find the post on how much i suck at songwriting), and adopt "the one thing i know" by christine kane again, to take command of "kathy's song" as well as hijack "laughter in your head" by danielle howle and "the shining" by badly drawn boy.

i want to hear the words that build up inside me that have no english correspondent and are only found in the resonance of the strings, that are only whispered in a harmonic.

i just want to talk through song instead of trying to find my own "words that tear and strain to rhyme..."

but instead i sit in the 90 degree heat of my room at night with piles of wool on my lap. i can't advise against being covered in wool in 90 degree heat enough. i try to get pedicures and haircuts and yoga mats to take the place of my guitar.

but i'm left empty handed waiting for a chance to actually communicate again instead of being rendered mute in the white noise that spills from my face...

i beg your pardon?

perhaps this is aggravating me more than other people, but BOY is it making me upset (and not in the weepy way):

(link via global security newswire)

my favorite quote from (DU alum) SecState Rice: "Today, protecting America from weapons of mass destruction requires more than deterrence and arms control treaties."


this does not bode well.

i love hands from uruguay...

so, i decided to start ANOTHER PROJECT FOR MYSELF!!! because i'm kind and generous to me. anyhow, i was out this weekend with the lovely and charming jess and we went yarn trawling. she called me an enabler because i enabled. and i'd gladly do it again. anyhow, i bought my some manos del uruguay in greyishgreenishbrown (okay, they call it "loden") with which to make my hot lava cardigan (no seaming!):

Manos for Hot Lava (2)

and here's what i've done knitted so far:

Hot  Lava sleeve

actually, that's not true - since then, it's grown to double its size, but i didn't take a picture of that part. i might not take pictures until part 1 is finished. anyhow, since i've been here, i've also finished branching out (yaymee, close your eyes if you don't want to see!):

Branching Out (2)

and a horrible flash-laden picture which captures the color better (i don't have any natural light to speak of in my room - and all of these have my institutional sheets as a background):

Branching Out

i've also made half of a scarf (i need more yarn) for ME out of rowan polar from the stitch as broadcast on sheep in the city's site:

My So-Called Scarf

and a close-up of the yarn/detail:

My So-Called Scarf (2)

now, as is somewhat on-hold (why is it cables are fun to do, but when you have to motivate yourself to do them, you never think they're fun?) as cables don't do well on the subway, is what i have for my first sleeve of mariah (moi, make a mistake in the cables of the center panel? NEVER!):

Mariah Sleeve

i need a good way to organize my fo's and wip's and whatnot... i'll think about that later, though...

that's what i've been doing with the needles, anyway...

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