i swear i've been knitting!

i have the back of mariah on a holder and started the left front piece!

i made a prototype ipod cozy last night (need to remake it in smaller yarn and smaller gauge so it looks less like an outlet cover and come up with a quick and fun way to fasten it closed. and do some sort of crazy intarsia sort of rocktastic symbol)

i am going on a yarn hunt to make someone a beanie (happy now?)

i've made and frogged like 4 different peruvian hats (i don't think this pattern is working for me)

i bought a shawl pattern (yes, i paid money for a pattern) for my sister and downloaded one for the mother... just need yarn.*

i have some random pictures waiting (of course) to be uploaded.... this not having internet access at home thing is KILLING ME.

just so's you know.

*i'm having a heck of a time getting a login at knitpicks... GROWL!

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