friday report

i cast on yesterday for the minisweater, and it's about 1/2 done today in white cottontots. going to do i-cord long wraparound ties instead of a button and ignore the decreases to make it far less poofy in the sleeves.

gots me a migraine

want to browse 2ndhand stores for sweaters to recycle.

but really want to buy paton's classic wool merino for mariah. i can't decide on a color though - camel, russett, deep olive, chestnut brown, leaf green, or aran. please vote... really unable to decide.

cut the dogs nails today - no one left bleeding - yay!

want to buy bookshelves and wireless router so i can finally put together my apartment after 13 months of having an unfinished "library." don't have the capital. :-(

annika's surgery went really well and she's improving WAY faster than anyone thought she would - thanks for the prayers and happy thoughts!

unable to make full sentences today - boo.


Anonymous Friday, July 01, 2005 1:41:00 pm  

AHHHHH! I think I know what the problem is!
After you purl 2 together 3x, your yarn is already in the front, so you have to wrap it around the needle once and then continue to the k1 5x, and then you have yo again and p2tog 3x...
So to explain this better (and you may want to google how to do a purlwise yo, so you can see how)
here is how you do it:
You have purled 2tog three times, your yarn is already in the front.. you now take it and bring it up over the left needle and back around under to the front again, so the yarn is still forward, but you added an extra stitch.. then you just continue to k1 five times... the yarn is in the back now.. so next you bring the yarn forward under the needle and wrap around and bring to the front and then you purl 2tog 3x again..
Does that make sense? It's really easy, but if you haven't done a purlwise yarn over before, it's going to feel awkward for a few repeats, but you get used to it right away. I was thinking this morning and I remembered that I did the same thing when I first learned and had to look it up after like 20 unsuccessful attempts!!!
And then I was like "Awwww man! It's just like doing a drop stitch!! DUH!"
So keep me posted! hope that helps, but if it's not we'll try again! Good luck!
PS, I don't know if you have this or not, but "the knitter's companion" was a GREAT investment, it's small and handy and has helped me out of so many potential disasters! It's a great how-to book and it's great! (It's great for conversions and foreign patterns!)

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