zen and the art of closet cleaning

how i would love to shrug off my needs for material posessions... then i wouldn't have to spend hours into days cleaning out my closet, organizing my crap, cleaning the house... at least the local thrift stores are going to get tons of clothes.

do i really need as much stuff as i have? evidently, because i can't give it up...

on deck for this week:

  • cleaning out closets
  • buying bookcases (finally!)
  • organizing bookcases
  • laundry
  • packing
  • cleaning the house like a madwoman
  • finishing my last week at work
  • meet with housesitters
  • find place to live in NY
  • go out to sushi dinner with yaymee (who moved to blogger. drop in and say hello!)
  • figure out what to do with my car
  • figure out a ride to airport
  • decide whether i should take guitar instead of second suitcase to NY
  • try and keep my sanity in a single piece

i can do that, right?

p.s. it was oatmeal raisin and it sucked.


Jay Sunday, July 10, 2005 6:27:00 am  

Take the guitar. You can always buy new clothes in New York.

And it will give you an excuse to shop in NYC for some spiffy threads.

Yaymee Monday, July 11, 2005 12:51:00 am  

Ok, it is decided that sushi does not have the sanity-keeping powers that we may need this week. If you're going to be going berzerk anyway, why not have some French food to... ummm... I don't know what the French food will do, but we are going to Le Central ("the affordable French restaurant") instead. Hey, it was "conceived with the notion that a French restaurant doesn't have to be stuffy, snooty, or expensive." And I suspect they serve a mean cheese plate!!!

heatherfeather Monday, July 11, 2005 1:18:00 am  

as long as it's not mean to me, i'm in!

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