the migraine from thursday and friday is creeping back in.

i finished the boobholder minisweater on saturday. however, i'm making a new one out of new yarn (insanely soft and cheap pure acrylic.*) and a new bit of knowledge. knowledge: when doing raglan increases, find out where the sleeves are before doing increases in the sleeves or you will have poofy sections in the bust area which is truly unnecessary. more knowledge: cottontots is really pilly and sheds really badly.

i was flipping through the channels this morning, and landed on into the west. suddenly, 30 minutes disappeared... i can't tell if i think it's really good or if i am just sucked i because i've got sort of low energy.

we (yaymee, jenny, kate, keesha, and i) went to forest room 5 last night and visited for a while - it was fun! good night all around.

okay, i have 2 major hurdles that have to be jumped today. so i'll go limber up.

happy 4th!

*"you look at that sweater, carefully and realize that love has made you temporarily blind. You’ve got a secret now, honey, and though you would never sink as low as him you could blab it all over the school if you wanted the label in that sweater said 100% acrylic."


Lisa Tuesday, July 05, 2005 2:47:00 pm  

Really - Cottontots is pilly & sheds? Damn! I just made a small crib blanket out of it for my daughter, because it seemed to NOT have those qualities (as opposed to regular acrylic/nylon blends).

any advice on good yarns that DON'T pill & shed? She's putting everything in her mouth these days!

heatherfeather Tuesday, July 05, 2005 3:17:00 pm  

see, i was surprised by its pillysheddiness, too!

but it wore the minisweater and it left white fuzz ALL OVER my coral tank top. not velvet, not masking tape, just a jersey knit tank!

so, when i remade it (it's 90% done!!) i used the cheapie caron simply soft (1.97/ 6 oz. skein - don't know how long, but i've made the minisweater out of 1!). so far so good!

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