paper bag please, i'd like to stave of the hyperventilation

this is WAY past my bedtime.

but i bought a wireless router and was setting it up because one of the things i did to improve my sanity when i come back to denver and have to get right back into school and new job hunting was remove the computer from the room with the tv. the internet's distracting enough, but to be able to stream at the SAME TIME as watching whose line is it anyway (i'm a media junkie. i have 4 rooms in my apartment and usually have a tv/streaming radio/cd player going in each one. sometimes more than one in a room) is NOT conducive to getting work done. now that the canis is 5.5 years old and will just lay down for extended periods of time when i'm working on the computer, i may be able to write papers AT HOME!! i may have wandered from my point.

ah, yes, the router. (just as a heads up, there's novice computer tinkering, but it is SO NOT THE TIME to tell me how to fix it) so the stupid freaking thing kept resetting itself to be an unsecured network or one with limited or no connectivity and my computer kept hopping on someone else's unsecured network. it worked for a bit and i was relieved then it stopped. because it stopped RIGHT WHEN I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF A TON OF HTML TO CHANGE MY TEMPLATE BUT KEEP MY LINKYDOODLES ON THE SIDE. i fidgeted with it for over two hours i even consulted the manual (if i have to consult the manual, i tend to think that the software is poorly designed because in this day and age the basics should be pretty intuitive)

much swearing ensues. i finally give up and go to bed. but i can't sleep, so i get up and find out that my computer's back online, piggybacking on the poor fool with an unsecured network. i fidget with it more, reset the modem, the router, restart the computer, and still, nada.

so i finally switched the cable from the tv with the one going to the modem, MOVE THE REFRIGERATOR, and tiddlywink with wires and power cords until i'm just working off the damn modem.

yes, i'm going to best buy tomorrow to get my $60 back.

no, i don't want to hear the easy 1 step thingamajig it would have taken to fix it.

update: monday morning, 9:47 am, re-reading this post, it turns out there aren't many complete sentences exhibiting my tiredness and illustrating just how much i should have been in bed...

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