best laid plans...

so i started a knitting blog about a week ago and promptly deleted it because i barely have time to blog anymore. anyhow, this is el booholderadero:

minisweater (aka boobholder) diagonal

and jess wanted to know whether i'd posted my modifications. (i hadn't) and so now seems like the time to do just that! just for you, jess!

i pretty much stuck to the pattern, used (gasp!) caron simply soft in white (whole thing cost $2!). i started off with the 50 CO stitches, and when i got to the raglan increases, i did YO instead of picking up stitches (which makes the holeys along the raglans). i also skipped most of the sleeve increases, although i did put 7 stitches into each sleeve a little bit after where it called the first set of increases in the pattern since i didn't care for the poofiness myself. i skipped the decreases entirely

once i got the sleeves to the length i liked, (cap length, but before they were quite big enough to go around my arms) i stopped the raglan increases sooner and continued with the body as described below. then i added some stitches to the circumference of the sleeves as i was doing the garter stitch, of which i only did 4 rows so it would be half the width of the garter on the neckline and the bottom.

when i arrived at about 4 inches from the bottom, i skipped to the directions for "the busty gals." i pretty much followed them, but realized that because of the stitches i wouldn't be able to make this pattern:

etc... they looked like this:
if i had to do it again i'd do it in an inverted triangle like this:
this also increased the number of stitches i was adding to each row so that it made a more drastic angle to come and meet in the front. i also did it a few inches longer than most are made so that it could indeed, hold the ladies. when i got to the bottom i did 8 rows of garter, omitted the buttonhole, and did a 3-stitch i-cord on each side... don't know the actual lengths, just until it tied around the back decently and had a good length of dangle to it.
i guess i did make a few changes!


particleman Monday, July 25, 2005 10:28:00 pm  

looks good.

i'm still waiting on my custom-knitted-by-heather Crown Royal bag. or Crown Royal beanie.

heatherfeather Tuesday, July 26, 2005 9:19:00 am  

yeah, i prioritize by people who actually come to COLLECT their crown.


no, but there's going to be a line - i've got 2 cable knit projects on the needles - it will take a while!

Thomas Thursday, July 28, 2005 10:56:00 am  

When did you first decide to start knitting, Heather?

Anonymous Sunday, August 14, 2005 10:42:00 pm  

merci, heatherfeather! i think i get it...

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