been meaning to do this one for quite some time

so pretend it's like 6 months ago.

hey, word to p-man for posting those samples of mirah because she's SO GOOD! i've been obsessively listening to "we're both so sorry" because it's interesting and really well mixed and produced. it also reminds me quite a bit of this book that i come back to obsessively (but shockingly, i've only read once, me who will reread the same book 5-6 times in one year. i read a LOT. i was uncomfortable with how this novel made me feel, so i haven't been able to reread it yet.) called the dogs of babel by carolyn parkhurst. there's one line in the song that reminds me of a central line in the novel from the scottish ballad of tam lin... it's not lyrically similar but the sadness in it reminds me of that novel anyway. i understand the corellation very well, and can go into it if you like.

mirah: "my subjects all adore me, but for this i had them banned"

tam lin:
"if what i'd seen last night tam lin
what i see today
i'd have torn out your two grey eyes
and put in eyes of clay

if what i see this night, tam lin
last night i'd only known
i'd have taken out your heart of flesh
and put in a heart of stone."

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