my office moved from inside the hospital to one of the buildings that houses physician offices. i have a much better computer with 10X the memory of the last computer, a flat screen 20" monitor, i can listen to music through speakers (which have AMAZING sound quality) instead of headphones, no one comes in or out of my work space except my boss from time to time (when she's not out all day at meetings), there are scented candles here and there (she's the nester, i myself have no inclination to setting up knicknacks), we have a thermal gevalia coffee maker with gevalia coffee, and since it was a doctor's office first there is of course the little tiny 2-way cabinet in the bathroom through which to pass your urine specimen.

did i mention that i have great speakers and don't have to used headphones anymore?

currently bumping in the office: "we're both so sorry" by mirah

when the physician with a 9:30 appointment comes in, however, i should make sure that "roses" by outkast is NOT playing.

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