are goats the new monkeys?

is it my goat, or is it your goat? (the obvious compromise when discerning lyrics from "are you that somebody?" without the helpfulness of the internet)

so, saturday was the trivial pursuit deathmatch. and the results had mixed effects. all in all, there was overt good sportsmanship, but i think that feelings were hurt... which is too bad. and then we went to timmy and fritzie's house post-game. then we went to moscow underground, which was EMPTY when we got there at 11:30. luckily there were 17 of us, so we increased the total number of patrons to about 22. it was good time fun.

i'm still bummed about the trivial pursuit fallout.

note to self: trash talking = WAY more fun.

and for those of you giving me grief for posting about ghost, thppppplllllllld at you. especially since i didn't do an editorial, and one of the offending parties may have reviewed steel magnolias the day before. i'm just saying is all. :)


semaphoria Monday, May 02, 2005 12:18:00 pm  

"feelings were hurt"? whose? yours? inquiring minds want to know.

heatherfeather Monday, May 02, 2005 12:28:00 pm  

i'll email you. i can't get into it on the internet...

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