i have been a lousy blogger lately.

no original observations. no opinions (except for my teitur review which was pretty shabby). just memes and links and pictures.

i should do what p-man is doing and commence a hiatus until the quarter is finito.

because i have papers a-plenty to write, and will be in creede, co for days and days next week wherein i won't be able to SHOWER much less have an internet connection. (it's for a class. i'll be on the clock for around 85 hours straight. i am NOT looking forward to it.) i also have to arrange for a kennel or petsitter for the beastie, clean the house, and pay mondo bills.

but if i officially take a hiatus, i won't be able to stick to it. so we should call this a "see if i have time for you, you internet thingie, you..."

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