It's high time I razed the wall...

I got home last night from class and checked my email. And I had an email from my friend from college, RockStar Matt "Smartin'" Martin. I haven't heard from Matty in about 2 years, and last I had heard he was living in Chicago being a rock star and taking a break from his band Amerigo. Matt's also a music therapist, but I don't know that he ever did his internship. Anyhow, is email said that he was living back in New Orleans, and playing guitar with a band named World Leader Pretend (it's high time I razed the wall... I raised the wall and I will be the one to knock it down). His band was just signed to Warner Bros. records, will be going on a small tour of the US for the end of the year, releasing a new album after the first of the year, and then going on a World Leader tour next year. So, go to sign up for the mailing list, buy their first album, buy their second album and go see them when they're on tour.

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