Hi Bob!

I went out for beverages Wednesday night with Crazy Mara, Pei, Tim (whom I’d like to call Tim the Enchanter. I always want to call people named Tim that.), and Mara’s friend Lincoln. The beverages were of the adult variety because a particularly unpleasant 2 weeks at school ended Wednesday, and it was time to relax. We were out late (late for Heather who wakes up at 5 is 12:30, no one else thought it was late because they didn’t have to get up in the morning)

I give props to Tim and Lincoln who’ve never hung out with Crazy Mara and I before because we think we’re SO much fun and when having beverages, (I guess when we’re not, too) we laugh/giggle a LOT. See, Mara and I think we’re REALLY hilariously funny, and I could have shot her in the toe because she made me laugh out loud in class Wednesday night and it was seriously problematic to do that in class when talking about car bombings and decapitations. Anyhow… We were talking about Crazy Mara’s birthday Nov. 1, and each discussed our last birthdays. I happened to mention that I spent my birthday (May 27) with an 89 year old woman. To which Mara replied:

“Because it was Leap Year?”

Tim didn’t hear her because it was loud and his friends set off firecrackers next to his ears and he doesn’t hear well.

Pei didn’t hear because it was loud.

(Lincoln wasn’t there yet)

So they were looking at us like we were insane because all of a sudden she and I were laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe or speak, and crying was involved. It turns out Mara didn’t know why I was laughing, either, so I was trying to explain to the deaf ones what was funny, and to Mara why a Leap Year birthday in May doesn’t really affect with WHOM I spend pass the occasion. In fact a Leap Year birthday in ANY month doesn’t. I do suppose that it was you had to be there and be one of us to think it was funny, but there you go.

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