So, Saturday night, there was a GSIS (school) party that was highly unofficial. I believe it was entitled something along the lines of "Party Like an Undergrad" and there was a flyer and everything. But the funny part was it was distributed on the school Listserv. So, that was funny. And I went with it with a bunch of people, met some new people, had a beer, whatever. The host was there, and wearing a tie. It was a pretty quiet affair all in all, with a couple of intoxicated people, but all in all not rowdy (I had some issues with the music, too, but that's another post for another day).At one point, I was talking about how weird it was that the party was sent out on the listserv, and concluded Susan (the administrator of the listserv) will put ANYTHING on the listserv with very little bureaucracy, when my friend Pei pointed out that the host was sitting 2 feet from me, so I bit my tongue and he didn't really hear me. And later I heard that he had passed out in his room and was no longer partying like an undergrad (or perhaps, he WAS partying like an undergrad...). By and large I had a good ttime, followed by returning to Crazy Mara's house with some peoples and indulging in late night music and snacks (and a very unpleasant experience with slivovitz...sp?, which shall henceforth be known as Romanian Firewater... I had a little and that was all I could deal with. It was nasty) I had a good time, went home really late (well, it was 6 am...that's theoretically early, I suppose). Come today, I'm checking my school email, and lo! there is a letter on the listserv entitled "Party Aftermath"

There was an apology from said host for "being such a lame host", and I'm going to post a bit of the letter. (few people from GSIS likely read this, and I was WITH them, so it's not going to be a thing...I don't think):

"After two consecutive games of beer pong early in the night, my stomach had had enough. At one point the puke hit the back of my throat while I was in the basement. I ran up the stairs, bumped a really cute girl and made her spill her beer all over herself (sorry, whoever you are), committing my first major faux pa of the night, and hurled all over my tie in the back yard. "

So I believe it's safe to assume Susan WILL post ANYTHING on the listserv.

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