Prolific, aren't I?

So why so many posts today? I have no idea.

Moving ahead.

It's baby seal stranding season in Maine right now. Poor Andre.

I voted on Monday after class. This is the very first time I voted for all one party (note: this is VERY different than voting along party lines which I think is foolish, but chances are we've likely had that discussion). And like a true registered Democrat, I voted "yes" on all of the tax increases. I think taxes are good things. I don't think they're penalties, and I don't mind paying them (it's different when your job messes up your withholdings and you have to pony up $800 in one lump sum which is just annoying, but that's not the US' fault). I think bigger government is a good thing. I think nationalized health care is a good thing. I think having firefighters, teachers, police, public transportation are good things. But, to get back to my point, Colorado has early voting. So I went to the Safeway, stood in line for about 2 minutes, went into my booth and voted.

You're going to vote too, aren't you?

Saw a baaaad ska show the other night.

Had a boring class last night, followed up by yummy chinese food.

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