I've just gotten a flu shot, which is usually unfun, because of the soreness resulting in my arm later that day, but now I've been struck by waves of nausea and dizziness... Coincidence, or reaction? I've never been as certain as I am about this that it is NOT morning sickness, so don't ask, nosy peeps.

"All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me..." I love songs that make up words... This is from the only Elvis song I ALWAYS dig ("Suspcious Minds" grows on me in the right mood).

I got my first graduate paper back, and I did better than I thought. Although upon reflection, it appears that me being really pessimistic and thinking I'll fail my papers seems to be part of my process... I need to work on one that's more affirming than that.

I was listening to "Scenario" by A Tribe Called Quest this morning, and I REALLY like Busta Rhyme's voice.

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