papers are booooring.

Do I really need to say more?

Yes, I think I do. I acutally like papers, but I'm just stuck and it's due tomorrow, so I'm whiny.

I'm in love...

...with a big blue frog. A big blue frog loves me...

My paper which wrote itself for the first half (which, of course, was simply background and not too much conjecturing about the role that the media and public plays on government agenda) is stuck... And due Friday...

Tuesday shuffle.

My friendly little iPod (which I named iRock because I do) decided to play these songs for me this morning:


“Black Dove” by Tori Amos

“Radio Song” by REM

“Spark” by Tori Amos

“Santa’s Beard” by They Might Be Giants

“A Baby for Pree” by Neutral Milk Hotel

“Bigmouth Strikes Again” by the Smiths


laundry day

In the sense of taking care of odds and ends. Not acutal laundry, which is a severe need at this juncture for me. Tomorrow I'll do laundry.

I got my new phone for sticking with T-Mobile for another year. Since my phone works at home now, it's so much easier than going through the hassle of switching. My phone is blue, has a phone (which I didn't particularly need, and was rather ambivalent about wanting, but whatever) and will shake instead of talking whilst Heather's in class.

Today's the first day I've let my hair air dry since it's most recent cut. I honestly haven't looked in the mirror, so the jury's out on this styling method.

Generic Academic Administration buildings?

Mary Reed Hall at University of Denver. Posted by Hello

Marquette Hall at Loyola. Posted by Hello


Sleepy girl today.

Up too late last night. Can't keep up with these crazy kids these days.

Get to leave work in 1h45m...will nap before class, working a dinner tonight.

Coming Up - ani d.

our father who art in a penthouse
sits in his 37th floor suite
and swivels to gaze down
at the city he made me in
he allows me to stand and
solicit graffiti until
he needs the land i stand on
i in my darkened threshold
am pawing through my pockets
the receipts, the bus schedules
the matchbook phone numbers
the urgent napkin poems
all of which laundering has rendered
pulpy and strange
loose change and a key
ask me
go ahead, ask me if i care
i got the answer here
i wrote it down somewhere
i just gotta find it
i just gotta find it
somebody and their spray paint got too close
somebody came on too heavy
now look at me made ugly
by the drooling letters
i was better off alone
ain't that the way it is
they don't know the first thing
but you don't know that
until they take the first swing
my fingers are red and swollen from the cold
i'm getting bold in my old age
so go ahead, try the door
it doesn't matter anymore
i know the weakhearted are strongwilled
and we are being kept alive
until we're killed
he's up there the ice
is clinking in his glass
he sends me little pieces of paper
i don't ask
i just empty my pockets and wait
it's not fate
it's just circumstance
i don't fool myself with romance
i just live
phone number to phone number
dusting them against my thighs
in the warmth of my pockets
which whisper history incessantly
asking me
where were you
i lower my eyes
wishing i could cry more
and care less,
yes it's true,
i was trying to love someone again,
i was caught caring,
bearing weight
but i love this city, this state
this country is too large
and whoever's in charge up there
had better take the elevator down
and put more than change in our cup
or else we
are coming

cheap = good

I am returning my Textbook Russian Military Into the 21st Century to the bookstore on Monday. It cost me $123+tax. I just bought it on de $38. Thanks Annie for showing me that website... it just saved me $85. I'm not even going to quibble that it's not really half, but it's more than half because I still come out looking pretty darn smart.

My house in the middle of my street.

I can't remember if I put my cute house on this site yet. It's cute, yes? They just did the yard, so, YAY! I live in the basement though and you can't see my separate door. Posted by Hello

Random Saturday

I'm about to go to my last class for the first time (there's a better way to say it but I've got lazy brain this morning). It's Russian. I have to learn a new alphabet. Fredlet wants me to be discouraged. And of course, I could have taken Swedish, but I'm taking Russian.'

I'm annoyed with the line in "Rocket Man" that says "All this science, I don't understand, it's just my job 5 days a week." I guess it's a good thing Elton John isn't really a rocket scientist, or that would be scary.

I put red stripes in my hair (technically, if you know your jewel tones it's claret) last night. It's really fun because she placed them sporadically, and put them over the caramel highlights, over the dark brown that my hair is, and missed some caramel highlights. SO my hair is caramel, claret, claret/caramel, brown, and (sigh) grey.

My hairstylist is engaged. She's getting married to the owner of a really cool theatre company here in Denver - Paula Vogel who wrote How I Learned To Drive (which I saw in a Mall in New Orleans, randomly) is on their advisory board. It's called Curious Theatre if you're curious about it. Hey, I didn't even try to do that!

My ceiling started leaking again last night... on my new easy chair. Luckily, I was sitting in the chair at the time and found out it was leaking just as it started, pushed it out of the way right quick, AND mylandlords were upstairs working on the plumbing at the time (which puts some holes in their broken pipe theory) so they took care of it right them.

My cousin Ashley (our parents are first cousins...someone who knows about that, if you could please tell me our technical relation) had a baby boy on Tuesday. His name is Thor Mullen Umlauf. I love Ashley, but...

Sofa Story

or those of you who are interested, here's my bordello-red happiness that came on Saturday. It has a matching easy chair. Yeesh, is it comfy... Posted by Hello

Life and everything else

So, school good.
Work annoying.
Hair getting colorfuller tomorrow.
Overslept today, was late to work, have to leave early for class.
No sleep this week (except last night, of course)
Way too much reading to do.


It's Fall Quarter. I went to one class. It was very informative, and educational (good thing, too, because that's why I'm paying $721/credit). I learned that almost 30,000,000 Russians died in WWII.

It's Fall Quarter, and what would Fall be without my seasonal tumble down the stairs? Yes, party people, I fell down the stairs again. I do it a few times a year. If Ernie's with me, then it's a whole other problem because he's a sissy and then he's afraid of both the stairs AND me for a few days. The first time I started tumbling down stairs was when I lived in New Orleans. Somewhat remarkably, I've never taken a stair tumble whilst intoxicated, but I'm just a tippy-over sort of gal. But the New Orleans Tumble was worst because I was wearing a tank top, not much else, and wound up in a sprawl after I went down 1 set, past the landing, down the rest of the stairs and sprawled in a most unladylike position in front of the French doors in the kitchen t hat look into the identical French doors in the kitchen of the identical house next door . Today, I was coming out of the business offices at school, and twisted my ankle, and hit my tailbone on 4 piddly concrete stairs... While I was wearing a skirt (I still am, for the record), there was no one around to look upon my misfortune... but I was wwearing a 3 ton backpack, and now my neck, head, and back are KILLING me. Anyone have any Vicodin?

I know you want to know...

so I'll tell you my schedule for fall quarter:

Russian I
Russian Foreign Policy and Defense
Politics Within Nations
American Government and Policy Making

I got most of the classes I wanted. I wanted to take US Foreign policy instead of Amer. Govt. and Pol. Making, but USFP was closed... sniffle... Oh well. It's a good start. And I'm gonna learn Russian!

On a good day, I hear your voice

Lately, I've been really moved by Gina Forsyth's song "The Sweetest Sound." It's so lovely, it's so sweet, and it's so sad. I may have already talked about that... It's just a brilliant song lyrically, melodically, harmonically, and in many ways... I have some issues with her Cajun pronunciation of "paradise" (she says "PAWR-adise" but it's not really her fault she's Cajun)... but she's an all-around brilliant folk singer.

Anyhow, I'm at orientation this week (It's nice to not have to work this week, but psychologically it'll be awful to have to go in to work only on Friday) which has been very orientation-like. I was bored somewhat silly the first day, but the last 2 have been great... I am SO excited to start classes. I'm already having to think about internships and career placements, and I haven't even been able to register for classes. I'm supposed to meet with some government agencies int he next month...which is frightening to think about, but there it is. There's a summer program that was started this week which is targeted toward many different international specializations which I would LOVE to do. Last month they took 14 students to Romania, and had a 2 week... I can't even describe it. Some professors arranged with the Romanian government to do some terrorism simulations, wherein the students were put in situations that they may very well be in: providing relief work, educating, working with fledgling governments, and they were kidnapped, interrogated, and taught survival skills by the Romanian Army in the Transylvanian mountains. Then they did 4 weeks of relief work... Those are such important skills these days. I really want to see if I can do that next summer. It won't be in Romania. It could be in Cyprus, Sudan, Norway, who knows? I'm so excited about all of the opportunities for international travel, ad meeting and working with so many government agencies from so many different countries. There's even the possibility of me doing my internship abroad, or getting some funding to go abroad to do research for my thesis... It's so exciting... I'm all a-twitter.

How are you?


I'm having issues with my hair lately. It's falling all over and into my face and stuff. But i'm getting it done next week. I'm probably going to let it grow out a bit, and go in a different color direction than caramel.

Orientation for school is next week. I keep thinking I'm excited for that, but then I think about how orientation is booorrrrring... So I get less excited about that, but I'm ready for school to start!

I dreamt I got a free pedicure at Dairy Queen because there was such a long line for me to get my hair done...

My weird neighbor next door is married to the woman across the street. Think about that for a minute.

I'm going furniture shopping today because my check came in. Furniture! Yay!

I am Sam

I was carrying around my illicit, home-burned (burnt?) copy of I Am Sam that I made for Annie and mistakenly packed and moved to Colorado before I could give it to her. I had a great elaborate story about it being a self-help CD to make myself more like Sam if anyone asked. No one asked.

My insurance company is sending me a check soon... I should be able to buy a couch during the labor day sales! Hooray!

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