Random Saturday

I'm about to go to my last class for the first time (there's a better way to say it but I've got lazy brain this morning). It's Russian. I have to learn a new alphabet. Fredlet wants me to be discouraged. And of course, I could have taken Swedish, but I'm taking Russian.'

I'm annoyed with the line in "Rocket Man" that says "All this science, I don't understand, it's just my job 5 days a week." I guess it's a good thing Elton John isn't really a rocket scientist, or that would be scary.

I put red stripes in my hair (technically, if you know your jewel tones it's claret) last night. It's really fun because she placed them sporadically, and put them over the caramel highlights, over the dark brown that my hair is, and missed some caramel highlights. SO my hair is caramel, claret, claret/caramel, brown, and (sigh) grey.

My hairstylist is engaged. She's getting married to the owner of a really cool theatre company here in Denver - Paula Vogel who wrote How I Learned To Drive (which I saw in a Mall in New Orleans, randomly) is on their advisory board. It's called Curious Theatre if you're curious about it. Hey, I didn't even try to do that!

My ceiling started leaking again last night... on my new easy chair. Luckily, I was sitting in the chair at the time and found out it was leaking just as it started, pushed it out of the way right quick, AND mylandlords were upstairs working on the plumbing at the time (which puts some holes in their broken pipe theory) so they took care of it right them.

My cousin Ashley (our parents are first cousins...someone who knows about that, if you could please tell me our technical relation) had a baby boy on Tuesday. His name is Thor Mullen Umlauf. I love Ashley, but...

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