On a good day, I hear your voice

Lately, I've been really moved by Gina Forsyth's song "The Sweetest Sound." It's so lovely, it's so sweet, and it's so sad. I may have already talked about that... It's just a brilliant song lyrically, melodically, harmonically, and in many ways... I have some issues with her Cajun pronunciation of "paradise" (she says "PAWR-adise" but it's not really her fault she's Cajun)... but she's an all-around brilliant folk singer.

Anyhow, I'm at orientation this week (It's nice to not have to work this week, but psychologically it'll be awful to have to go in to work only on Friday) which has been very orientation-like. I was bored somewhat silly the first day, but the last 2 have been great... I am SO excited to start classes. I'm already having to think about internships and career placements, and I haven't even been able to register for classes. I'm supposed to meet with some government agencies int he next month...which is frightening to think about, but there it is. There's a summer program that was started this week which is targeted toward many different international specializations which I would LOVE to do. Last month they took 14 students to Romania, and had a 2 week... I can't even describe it. Some professors arranged with the Romanian government to do some terrorism simulations, wherein the students were put in situations that they may very well be in: providing relief work, educating, working with fledgling governments, and they were kidnapped, interrogated, and taught survival skills by the Romanian Army in the Transylvanian mountains. Then they did 4 weeks of relief work... Those are such important skills these days. I really want to see if I can do that next summer. It won't be in Romania. It could be in Cyprus, Sudan, Norway, who knows? I'm so excited about all of the opportunities for international travel, ad meeting and working with so many government agencies from so many different countries. There's even the possibility of me doing my internship abroad, or getting some funding to go abroad to do research for my thesis... It's so exciting... I'm all a-twitter.

How are you?

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