It's Fall Quarter. I went to one class. It was very informative, and educational (good thing, too, because that's why I'm paying $721/credit). I learned that almost 30,000,000 Russians died in WWII.

It's Fall Quarter, and what would Fall be without my seasonal tumble down the stairs? Yes, party people, I fell down the stairs again. I do it a few times a year. If Ernie's with me, then it's a whole other problem because he's a sissy and then he's afraid of both the stairs AND me for a few days. The first time I started tumbling down stairs was when I lived in New Orleans. Somewhat remarkably, I've never taken a stair tumble whilst intoxicated, but I'm just a tippy-over sort of gal. But the New Orleans Tumble was worst because I was wearing a tank top, not much else, and wound up in a sprawl after I went down 1 set, past the landing, down the rest of the stairs and sprawled in a most unladylike position in front of the French doors in the kitchen t hat look into the identical French doors in the kitchen of the identical house next door . Today, I was coming out of the business offices at school, and twisted my ankle, and hit my tailbone on 4 piddly concrete stairs... While I was wearing a skirt (I still am, for the record), there was no one around to look upon my misfortune... but I was wwearing a 3 ton backpack, and now my neck, head, and back are KILLING me. Anyone have any Vicodin?

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