laundry day

In the sense of taking care of odds and ends. Not acutal laundry, which is a severe need at this juncture for me. Tomorrow I'll do laundry.

I got my new phone for sticking with T-Mobile for another year. Since my phone works at home now, it's so much easier than going through the hassle of switching. My phone is blue, has a phone (which I didn't particularly need, and was rather ambivalent about wanting, but whatever) and will shake instead of talking whilst Heather's in class.

Today's the first day I've let my hair air dry since it's most recent cut. I honestly haven't looked in the mirror, so the jury's out on this styling method.


Anonymous Monday, September 27, 2004 12:29:00 pm  

Hey Heather!! I can send you a RMCF brownie,but it might be kinda hard. hahaha!! There is prolly one over there somewhere. I think I know what kinda mix stuff they use too. I think its giradeli...I don't know how to spell it. Thanks for the comments. I will get your cell phone number from someone or from email or something. I don't put my number on here or xanga either. I don't want some wierdo calling me. Anyway I will talk to you later. Love you bunches. God Bless, Catrina

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