it's softer than the belly of a puppy

good heavens, i have felt the softness and will never be able to rid the memory from my mind.

i've heard about it in legend, but it's softer than i ever thought possible for a merino.

i'm talking about malabrigo merino. i was at the yarn deli in redlands looking for sweater yarn for my momma, and they had a wall of it.

a wall of silky squashy softness that was kettle-dyed by uruguayans.

it makes me think that i'd like to buy enough to make a new and totally different hot lava cardigan since i don't really like the one i made in new york last summer (it's got crazy row gauge, making it baggy across the back, and i got bored of knitting the bolero and made it too small. so it's both too big and too small all in one fell swoop).

either that, or roll around naked in a huge mountain of it.


littlegoat Monday, November 27, 2006 1:05:00 pm  

nothing is softer than the belly of a puppy. nothing!

sorry I haven't read/posted in a while. I've been mad busy.

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