2 unrelated thingies (or, i am unmotivated to make a proper post)

search terms people have used to join us in this lovely abode:

  • "knitting with drumsticks" my advice? don't try it, they have those little bulbs at the tips and it will be tricky to get the stitches off and over them.
  • "caribou frother" the heck? that gives us interesting and gross visual images.
  • "unusually placed tattoos" i don't have any, but thanks for checking.
  • "colored stockings love making" go about your business people - this ain't that sort of site. x-rated knitting pictures indeed...
  • "schneeglocken" it's a flower and an annoying song i sang in college for my voice juries.
  • "julynn simmons" don't know her. sorry.
and there are a ton of people every day who come here by doing a google image search for "heather" and wind up clicking through on an entirely unflattering picture of me wearing the honeymoon cami which i am frogging someday to either remake or reinvent as another tank.


when i started this post - and titled it - i had 2 things i wanted to post about: incoming search terms and.... i've totally forgotten the second. i'm a dingbat. there ya go.

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