today was an enormously lovely day... i knitted some - finished a sleeve on the gull-stitch cardigan in cascade ecological wool in 8087 (yes, i'm picking her up again) and started, frogged, and restarted a jaywalker in jawoll that i got on sale ($3.40!) at closeknit. i also bought yarn for a foolish, pricey project, that i will maybe discuss later.

you know, after i finish the pants' scarf, and all.

then, the pants came over. we talked and dreamed about futures, ate indian food, watched football and the amazing race with my mom and sister. we also watched and talked about bridezillas (the show and the phenomenon).

and then.

then came the homespun. (GAK!)

see, my mom is organizing a trip in december. there will be 30 people there. and the co-leader thought that everyone on the trip should have matching identifiers to put on their luggage. my sister thought maybe homemade pom-poms. and somehow i volunteered to help.

and now we need to make 90 pom-poms by thursday to take to their first organization meeting.

out of homespun in red, white, and blue. (not my choosing, i'd like to note)

that's just a horribly evil yarn. it makes me want to set it in a basket, send it downriver, and shoot flaming arrows at it.

then, i realize it's just cheap yarn, and that'd be a lot of pomp and circumstance and cost for cheap, ugly yarn.


Chris Cope Monday, November 06, 2006 11:26:00 am  

But it would still be a chance to shoot flaming arrows. Remember how Bo and Luke used various contraptions on arrows in 'Dukes of Hazzard'? You could shout 'yeeeeee=ha!' while shootin' yarn.

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