the war of the garbage cans

i am axl rose. my unknown nemesis is tommy hilfiger. my backyard is rosario dawson's birthday party.

when i moved in 2 years ago, i bought an outdoor garbage can to put in the alley on trash day.

my first trash day with my garbage can, i put it out, full of moving in trash. i came home, and my garbage, as well as my garbage can, was gone. but my next door neighbor has about 15 garbage cans resembling the one that i had (seriously, they throw away like a couch a week and a boatload of garbage. there are 4 people - 2 of whom are children - living there. what do they do!?).

no biggie, i usually don't take my trash out more than once a week - i don't make that much on an average week. my upstairs neighbors (who were later evicted) bought like 4 trash cans, and they said i could use them. when they were evicted, they took the trash cans with them (but left the free-standing porch swing in the backyard. of the two, i'm glad they took the trash cans).

a new family moved in and bought 3 trash cans like the one i had lost, and offered to share them with me since i don't make much garbage. within 3 weeks, they were all gone. no one knew for sure where they went.

when they moved out, they had a lot of garbage. one day, about a week after they moved out, my backyard had 5 (FIVE) empty garbage cans tossed in it from the alley. one was broken, so i carted it to the dumpster behind the mexican restaurant, and have used one or more for weeds and garbage. this morning, i came out with my garbage, prepared to weed, and only one of my 4 garbage cans were left.

this is annoying. stop trying to start a garbage can feud. i ain't even hitting back.


Hello, It's Louise. Tuesday, June 06, 2006 10:46:00 am  

dude... that is insane. I can't help but wonder if there is some guy filming this whole garbage can debacle...he's making a short film called, "WTF?????"

Next time you take out your garbage wear something that shows a little leg. If by chance you are in a movie, you going to want to be ready for your closeup. False eyelashes are always a good move.... and plumping lip gloss.

heatherfeather Wednesday, June 07, 2006 8:48:00 pm  

we can call it "sexing up trash day".

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