Sleepy Puppet

I was up until almost 3:30 reading and cleaning up after my barfing puppy. Then I work up at 4:53 to get to work by 6:30.

Coffee please kick in. They laughed at me when I stared blankly at them for 20 seconds when they (the coffee slingers) asked if they could help me.

I'm in love with the Damien Rice cd O. I can't remember if I already posted that. I also got a Gine Forsyth cd this weekend. I used to go hear Gina play at the Neutral Ground when I lived in New Orleans (a great co-op coffee house that promoted independent singer-songwriters... also somewhat famous for being where Julie from Real World New Orleans played an open mic), then Gina, my friends Mina, Colleen and I would play Scrabble in the back while listening to other people play. But there's one song she wrote that I've been dying for a copy of: The Sweetest Sound. She always closed her set with it... such a great song. Gina's not the greatest singer, but she has this incredible penchant for songwriting. I also got Natalie Merchant's Ophelia for a copy of "My Skin" which is another one of those jaw-droppingly goregeous songs...

Okay, I have to work.


Anonymous Wednesday, March 01, 2006 8:53:00 pm  

so i decided to randomly go to your archives and i picked august 2004 and have been skimming a bit in the dyslexic way that i do. in this one i saw mina and then gina and i remembered that when i was living in greenville, sc in this last fall i had lots of driving time between MT and ABA tutoring for autistic kids. that's what i do alot the last few years. and in the car i had a radio. just that. no frills in my grey buick century. oh but there are buttons sewn to the cealing to keep the fabric up. don't touch them. there's not much keeping them up. um. oh gina. so i listened to the radio. alot. npr. alot. wncw. alot. and some various country stations, oldy stations and there was an a.m. station 1490 that used to play good old old songs but towards then end it mostly just played blues. which i guess is okay in a pinch. oh. gina. gina was on wncw and i just happened to catch her interview. it was lovely. and i remembered the all night sing a thon thing the neutral ground had and the guy that played disney songs early in the morning. "look at this stuff, isn't it neat?"

Anonymous Wednesday, March 01, 2006 8:55:00 pm  

oh that was me, clide~*

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