Happy Accidents

I spent this weekend getting to know my new computer and figuring out the headaches and joys that are wi-fi cafes... If you're in Denver and looking for a free wi-fi, I recommend Paris on the Platte filled with punks, goths, hippies, and yuppies with young families who watch the open coffee roaster, check their email, and chatting with friends and strangers. I ordered a veggie melt (with wonderfully yummy and spicy guacamole) and checking my email, upgrading Roxio so that I could transfer some of my analog music to digital (well, that's still in progress, and Freddie, if you know of a way to do that (particularly from cassette) without special software, I'd be ever in your debt and continually pour undying affection at your feet. If not, then it's to the curb with you... [grin]), and playing the new (to me) version of Solitaire: Spider (it's challenging like Freecell, and just a nice change of pace for time wasting). I also tried to go to Common Grounds to use their free wi-fi, but their connection was down (and I've overheard many people complain about that over the months I've been dropping in there).

That having been said, I just love my neighborhood.

On the couch shopping front, I found out that my sofa is worth more than I thought. It's too big for my apartment as it is, has a sleeper sofa and 2 recliners. When I get the check from my insurance company, I'll likely be able to buy a sleeper sofa (that will fit), possibly a big comfy chair for reading, bookcases (finally), a desk (finally), and with a little luck, my textbooks for fall, and with a lot of luck (and severe thriftiness on the previous purchases) an iPod... Which brings me back to the computer.

The computer is wunnerful! I also got an external CD-RW drive, which is too much fun for me (not that I'd ever break copyright laws and be joyful about it). And in downloading my music to my computer, I've discovered that I have a TON of cd's. If you've ever seen my cd's you're not surprised to hear this. But I was making a They Might Be Giants Mix for someone, and 2/3 of my TMBG collection alone was around 1.2 gb. So I'm thinking that I may need a 40 gb iPod when it comes to that... The 10 gb just ain't gonna cut it.

Also in fun things, I bought a messenger bag for school with tons of nifty pockets and zippers, some more blank cd-r's, and 2 cd's: Turin Brakes (a band they played on the radio when I lived in Maine and I LOVED) and TMBG's Flood. Finally. I had the cassette version of this in 1990, but sometime between now and then, I lost it. But now I've gots it.

Everybody wants a rock to wind a piece of string around.

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