I should should pour through the keyhole or evaporate completely...

I made a TMBG mix for someone this weekend, and I've had 3 things stuck in my head ever since:

1. The title of this post from "It's Not My Birthday" (and it's not my birthday but you can send gifts regardless)

2. a goodly portion of "Letterbox" which was my theme song with Specky when he moved back to Australia "If I had a pair of eyes in the back of my head for each time you forgot to think about all the things you forgot to talk about when you took a bite out of my spine, I would have a lot of eyes on the other side. Wouldn't I? Wouldn't that just be fine?"

3. Brief portions of my Fredlet's dance/tumbling number she did at Roubidoux High school at that Star-something contest when she got second (I still say she was robbed). I remember the costumes, the seeking behaviour at the beginning and something that my memory is telling me looked a lot like the Roger Rabbit...

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