So, I've started wearing my carpal tunnel braces while I sleep again. I forget that when I go through periods of sleeplessness, this often helps, because I usually bend my wrists into the dreaded position when I sleep, causing tingling and discomfort bordering on pain. Driving to CO aggravated it again. Last night I dutifully put on my right brace (usually gives me more trouble than the left), and woke up in the middle of the night with my hand right hand all a-tingle. I had removed the brace during sleep, and put it in my closet and shut my closet door. I didn't know it was in my closet until this morning when I went to get dressed. This concerns me. I'm not a sleepwalker, and I'm a light sleeper. Does someone need to confess to breaking in, taking off my brace and hiding it in the closet without disturbing me or Ernie? Or am I just becoming somnambulent?

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