The power of Three

Three is:
-the number in a Trinity
-how many times my dog turns in circles before lying down
-what you count to when you are planning on saying something in unison or lifting heavy objects with another
-the subject of the song "Three" from Schoolhouse Rocks
-the number of times I have sneezed more than 9 times in a row today
-the secret knock of the Freemasons
-the number of offspring Mike and Carol each brought to the Brady Bunch
-my favorite meter to play guitar and piano in
-the number of piercings in each ear my parents consented to
-the number of arms I have... wait, that may be wrong
-the maximum number of dollars I will tip for a walk-in pedicure
-the number of times I have driven stick plus two

Twenty-seven is:
-three times three times three (or 3^3)
-the number of days elapsed this month
-the number of times I've completed a trip around the sun,precisely

So, happy birthday to me. I hereby authorize you to leave work early or start drinking margaritas at work to celebrate. I was going to authorize you to drink margaritas at lunch, but I didn't get online until too late. Either way, I will disavow knowledge of this authorization if you are caught, reprimanded, fired or sued in the acceptance of this permission. There's a lemon cake in my future, and we all know how I feel about cake.

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