le chien fou

I'm glad it's a lovely day today. After the icky snowy stuff yesterday and the day before, the sun looks lovely to me. But I really wish I were asleep. In my big comfy bed with my crazy doggy. Because he's so warm and sleepy when it's sleepy time. He always wants to be doing what everyone else is doing. Even if that's laying down and not being awake. Good thing he doesn't run with the drug crowd. He'd be a junkie doggy with a tendency toward freebase and rolling.


Anonymous Sunday, May 16, 2004 3:26:00 am  

Hey Heather!! I like this one because it says how many words you have written in your posts. Thats kinda cool. Anyway I will talk to you later chicka. I love you bunches. When I go to church everytime I see Francis and them singing I think of you. 8) :) Love lots and God BLess, Trina

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