Spring is sprung, the grass is riz.

It's another goregeous day in Denver. I'm really quite happy here. I've decided that since I've had some spare time (i.e. everything I do is pretty much under this category) that I'm going to work really hard at being happy. Happy doesn't always come easily to me. Neither does relatively content. But I'm investing time in myself. By doing little things like adding stripey colorful pillows to my living room. And using really nice Philosophy skin care products on my face. And walking through my neighborhood on lovely days. And as corny and 12-steppy as it sounds, counting my blessings and challenges every day. It helps. And rearranging my living room a whole bunch is quite cathartic as well. Because it's not fun to be an unhappy person. I've spent most of my adult life with at least a sense of malaise and discontent. It's time for me to stop waiting to be happy and to just be happy, dammit.

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