knitting on the bus

after about 2 weeks of knitting almost exclusively on the bus and metro (although some in front of shear genius) i'm almost done with the body of ms. marigold - i am going to do about another 1/2" of stockinette before i do the 2" of 2x2 ribbing. then all that's left is the neckline ribbing and finishing the arm holes. i've decided against the armhole ruffles because, well, i'm not really an armhole ruffle sorta gal, so i'll either do 2 rows of crochet around them to finish them (which is appealing because it's fast. it's unappealing because i suck at crochet) or knit them in 2x2 rib, like jodi did.

we'll also soon see the folly of having a new alpaca (aka HOT AS THE SUN) sweater vest for the humid days of eastern seaboard summers... it may have been smarter to do this in cotton...

in other news, i'm still spending STUPID amounts of time on ravelry (how i heart thee! get in the queue if you're not already - they're getting their invites out slowly but surely!) and will hopefulyl have a cabinet to store my yarn in soon. when i get that i'll be able to inventory my stash (egad...) and assign some yarn for projects.

in other, other news, i turn 30 on sunday. yeesh.

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