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embossed leaves

FO report

pattern: embossed leaves from interweave knits, winter 2005 by mona schmidt
yarn: lang yarns jawoll superwash, 2 skeins in some sorta pinky color
needles: brittany birch 2.75mm (US2) dpns
start date: i have no idea, but it was many moons ago
end date: 5/1/07? i don't really know that either...
mods: i did an actual tubular cast-on, and a slip stitch heel
notes: the pattern's lovely - i love the star toe finishing the leaves in the pattern. the yarn? well, i payed $3.40 per skein at closeknit, and didn't love it at all. it's not squashy, it's sorta rough. but the color's pretty. i had frogged and restarted this yarn 4945143901823 times so it got sorta grimy, so i washed it before photographing it. so it gets grimy, but it cleans up well!

anyhow, for all the pics, click on the mosaic!

embossed leaves

cinco de mayo bbq tonight, maryland sheep and wool festival tomorrow - pics to come!


Bryony Ramsden Sunday, May 06, 2007 6:02:00 am  

I go away for a week, and you make socks?!!! You bag :D They are lovely!

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