wowee! with no job you'd think i'd be posting like a maniac!

alas, i'm lazier than a... dang, the redneck expressions aren't coming to me right now. anyhow.

this is what's going on that's good lately:

  • the pants. he's a good pants.
  • the ernie is a good ernie, too.
  • i finished a sock for my mom. i finished one the night before i moved to DC, i finished the other last night. however, i am currently charging my rechargeable batteries which may have been recharged one time too many and so i may still not have pictures until i get more batteries
  • i got all my boxes, including my yarn box which is full of yarn which i insured for a grand, but mainly because it would be a major pain to re-enact my yarn stash including needles and notions.
  • i still have all my stuff in denver like sofa and winter clothes which isn't the smartest need in the world.
  • i love public transportation in DC. it's expensive, liike most things in DC, but still good.
  • this is a boring blog post. i fear i've lost my blogging mojo.
  • i've considered more than once making this a knitblog only, but don't knit enough for that lately.
  • the end.

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