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i finished my momma's socks. they need a bit of washing before they can be worn, because my sister's allergic to my old favorite roommate - the ernie. however, that's no biggie. she bought me this yarn to make her socks in november. it's march, and i just finished them. but not for lack of trying - this was the socks' 6th incarnation or so. none of the previous patterns i used had worked.

so i made up my own eyelet pattern when i was watching the superbowl and stuck with it. nothing fancy, but slightly lacy, with an eye-of-partridge heel, and voila! we have the momma socks.

momma socks FINISHED!

FO Report!
yarn: cherry tree hill supersock in... water? maybe? (this is a time when i was confused by the ball band)
needles: brittany birch 2.75mm for the left, addi turbo 3.00mm for the right
started: superbowl sunday... february something?
finished: 3/08/07
notes: so as i've previously mentioned, my mom's ankles are drastically two different sizes. so i made the socks two different sizes. the larger one on smaller needles over 80 stitches, the smaller one on larger needles over 64 stitches. the second one she was unable to try on as we went along what with my having moved, but what can you do? i hope it fits.

here's a shot of the eyelet pattern:

momma socks - the eyelet pattern

also? i love the eye of partridge heel!

eye of partridge heel

the one in the smaller sock was created when i was drunk, evidently, because i wasn't able to keep track of where i was with the pattern, so it's not as pretty.

eye of the partridge heel

the end.


Natalie Sunday, November 11, 2007 2:18:00 am  

Great socks, love that heel. I think I will try that heel with my next pair of socks.

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