i've been waiting to exhale (in the strictly non-whitney houston sense)

so, i upped and moved across the country without a formal job offer. which is scary and seemingly stupid.

however, i got my job offer this morning, and i start my real, grown-up job march 19.

you're officially off of "don't jinx me, bitches" warning.

whoever brings me wine first wins!

will you please pick up a three-ton onion?

in DC one of the grocery chains is called Giant Food.

no one else seems to giggle as much as i do when i see that.

the eagle has landed

so, washington d.c. has been infinitely improved in my ever-so-humble estimation as i am now its resident.

i have a bed, i have a dog who wants to smell everything in the new apartment, i have pots and pans.

i also have a boatload of stuff in storage in denver, which i will rescue at a later date.

let the fun begin.

i say, i say

i sold my car at 50% less than i wanted to sell it.

pants and i left on monday.

yesterday, a depressed beagle tried to run in front of our car going 75 mph in texas.

pants swerved and missed it.

ernie's okay.

we're in forrest city, arkansas this morning, where the mobile phone service is spotty, but we have free wi-fi.

more later.

jinxing be damned, i need some good karma

so, i sort of got that job in DC for which i had a phone interview in december and later flew out to interview in person for.

i heard that they want to hire me from the department head, but that HR has to process me and give me the final job offer (within 2-4 weeks of that conversation; we're at about 2.5 weeks). i've also heard that HR has never cut a candidate once they were recommended by the department. that being said, i was in DC last week for another interview (just to cover my bases and whatnot, because although i'm foolish, i'm not completely foolish) and wound up getting an apartment in an amazing neighborhood (hence the somewhat foolishness), with great people in the building.* also, ernie has to move out of pants' house in the next few days, so the pants and i are leaving for DC next week, all without having received a final job offer... which makes me feel VERY nervous (not to mention the driving across the country with the dog and the pants in february), but what can you do? the job is fantastic, and i'm really excited about that, but sort of of trying to couch my stupidity at getting a house and putting a deposit down on it with no concrete job or forseeable start date.

so what to i need from you people inside the webbernets? good karma that HR will call me ASAP. lots of good karma, warm fuzzies, and entreaties of the almighty. please? and also help with packing and shipping.

*interestingly, the woman who owns the house whose basement apartment** i'll be renting is in the same field as me. she works for a different organization, but works very closely with my organization. which is freaky in the good way.

**the ceilings are much higher than in my tiny house basement apartment in denver. they're 8'. and the windows will accomodate a window a/c unit. and there's a fenced backyard with a proper fence. also, there are pics on flickr, to which semaphoria added some helpful notes (mouse over the image).

Heart-shaped steak

Heart shaped steak, originally uploaded by swandive00.

happy valentine's day from Albertson's?

because nothin' says lovin' like a 4 lb heart-shaped steak.

shameless plugging after shameful amounts of silence

anyone locally want to buy my car? anyone know someone who might?

don't block the box

don't block the box, originally uploaded by swandive00.

to be filed under "good rules of thumb"

learn it, live it, love it.

still lame, but with 90% more freezing!

so, i'm in washington, DC right now looking for apartments, talking to people and whatnot because i almost have a job locked in.


a real job with a real salary and a beautiful little apartment in 16th street heights. however they're not 100% yet because i haven't had the formal offer from HR yet and i haven't paid the security deposit on the apartment yet. so just slink by and don't say anything about the almost job or the almost apartment because i'm already convinced that i'm jinxing it by posting about it.

and it's COLD here. it was 75 degrees colder yesterday morning than it was when i left california.

but i have all sorts of warm goodies with me like lady eleanor, rogue 2, the sillyhead, and the finished anemoi mittens.

although the second mitten i knitted is WAY bigger than the first.

pics later.

DON'T JINX ME IN THE COMMENTS PEOPLE. save your good will for later.

cool for cats

we are so cool that at almost midnight on a friday night, the pants and i are importing cds into our computers for upload into our respective ipods.


not much about nothing

again there are things afoot that i'm not talking about. not bad things per se, but things that require my attention, and therefore the target of my attention and resulting stressies...

talk amongst yourselves. i'll give you a topic: the holy roman empire was neither holy, nor roman, nor an empire. discuss.

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