still lame, but with 90% more freezing!

so, i'm in washington, DC right now looking for apartments, talking to people and whatnot because i almost have a job locked in.


a real job with a real salary and a beautiful little apartment in 16th street heights. however they're not 100% yet because i haven't had the formal offer from HR yet and i haven't paid the security deposit on the apartment yet. so just slink by and don't say anything about the almost job or the almost apartment because i'm already convinced that i'm jinxing it by posting about it.

and it's COLD here. it was 75 degrees colder yesterday morning than it was when i left california.

but i have all sorts of warm goodies with me like lady eleanor, rogue 2, the sillyhead, and the finished anemoi mittens.

although the second mitten i knitted is WAY bigger than the first.

pics later.

DON'T JINX ME IN THE COMMENTS PEOPLE. save your good will for later.


Monstee Friday, February 09, 2007 2:59:00 am  

Fine! Then me will take this opportunity to give me comments on all of them posts of yous that me missed in past three months which me just get caught up on. But not this one and in no particular order.

WooHoo! You go girl! Maybe it something you ate. That remind me of dream me have once, but me not want to go into it here. Nice! Me first read that as 'busty and grumpy and stressy.' You am SO talented!!! OHOHOH!! ME!! ME!!! Oh, me so sorry for you. You in me thoughts. ME bet is was something dirty!! mmMMMMMmmmoverdonesugarcookies.... HEY! What am up with new layout??? Huff, more knitting.... Romulan?!?! Give me them green slave chicks! We have teal babies. Yes you am! hmmmm, me not watch half them shows. BOOBIES!!!! Hey, they can no all be winners. That am one lucky pants. That look kinda like strange looking bald cap. Nice, but strange. Freaky cats! Happy New Year! Merry Christmas! Nice toe! Could be worse.... could be raining. Hey, wanna go swimming?

Steve Friday, February 09, 2007 6:40:00 pm  

I changed my URL

particleman Tuesday, February 13, 2007 4:03:00 pm  

i saw donnie darko finally. it was fucked up. but really good. have you seen it? i'm not jinxing you.

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