my name is heather. i gauge swatch lazily.

i did okay and fudged the numbers with the honeymoon cami. it came out pretty much as written, but not quite.

because, as you can see above, i swatch lazily.

so, here is honeymoon cami v.2. it's about 2" too big in the waist, and 3" too short in the body.

when will i remember that i want a shirt to be 15" from the underarm, and that 13" makes me look dumpy?

hopefully soon.

honeymoon cami v.2 001 honeymoon cami v.2

(please note - the first picture? awful, but it's too bright outside for good pictures - even the shady one is overexposed. and i'm probably going to frog this anyway and make it again in a size smaller with 2" extra length anyway. as soon as i'm not tired of the pattern anymore.)

fo report:
honeymoon cami from knitty
yarn: patons katrina in ocean
needles: size 6 addi naturas
started: august 1, 2006
finished: august 7, 2006


jodi Monday, August 14, 2006 8:00:00 pm  

I always do the exact same thing, knitting everything too short. I'm trying to train myself to keep knitting even though it looks too long, because I'm not a teenager, my gut will push everything up, up, up. Your cami does look cute though, and I don't think it's dumpy, at least not in the photos.

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