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yes, i post much less frequently the past 2 months or so.

part of it is my enamoredness with mr. pants.

part of it was moving.

part of it is job hunting.

part of it is living at home with mom and sis and having people to talk to outside of the computer (it's a pretty novel thing, really. i forgot what it was like to talk to people all the time.)

so, here's the skinny:

  • i've learned how to play crazy bridge
  • i've played a lot of boggle and scrabble
  • i've spent a lot of time with mr. pants' family
  • i've been busy not getting a job yet in california or otherwise
  • i'm catching up with people in california
  • i'm visiting ernie when i visit mr. pants
  • i'm finally catching up on sleep after a very sleep deprived* month in denver
  • i'm knitting a new version of a honeymoon cami out of patons katrina in ocean. that's a yarn that i's mostly rayon, and is very sproingy and it's difficult to moderate tension and it knits up a very heavy fabric, but i still dig it.
  • i'm having a really gross ligament snapping going on in my left wrist under my thumb when i knit and pronate my wrist.
that's all i can think of.

look! picture! the old version of honeymoon cami that i frogged because it was TOO BIG.
honeymoon cami 002

*due to no a/c in my old apartment and it being muy muy caliente in my apartment thwarting sleep.

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