i'm never gonna know you now, but i'm gonna love you anyhow

i got a mix CD a few months ago from a friend.

just by reason of timing and whatnot, i've not had a chance to really listen to it. (it came in the end of may, just in time for finals, end of year madness, losing my job, moving to new york, blah blah, more excuses, hookie hookie)

i listened to it a few times, and ID'd a few songs that i liked tons and tons (seriously, "nothing better" by the postal service is fantastical - something about using the word "sutures" in the lyrics really hooked me). but it never made it into my regular rotation.

but the last 7-10 days, it's ALL I LISTEN TO. bless my friend's heart, there's 4 elliott smith songs...

as i explained to the compiler of songs before receiving the CD, i LOVE elliott smith, but i've never owned any of his music. my college roommates had all his CD's. when we all got divorced (and boy, was it nasty, and yes, that has a ton to do with why i won't have roommates anymore), they got to keep their own CDs, and for whatever reason, i've never bought them for myself.

and elliott's "waltz #2" has become my flavor du jour.... i can't stop listening to it, i can't stop listening to it, i can't stop singing it when i'm walking to class or strolling the baby around the kitchen. that's not even taking a moment to acknowledge theother elliott songs, the leonard cohen, the neutral milk hotel, the flaming lips, the postal service, the daft punk...

so, to the gift giver (who even coordinated its arrival with my birthday) i am sorry it's taken me so long to find my pace with the CD, and i can't thank you enough for the enormously goodliness of it. and now "volcano" and "mother of god" have been supplanted by "waltz #2".

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semaphoria Thursday, September 29, 2005 11:01:00 am  

every time waltz comes up on my ipod, ivar (death metal lover extraordinairre) goes "who is this? this is a great song..."

Steve Thursday, September 29, 2005 6:57:00 pm  

I went to high school with an Elliot Smith. I somehow think it's a different person than the one about whom you refer.

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