Time Flies

I was just reading a post about how someone started blogging in October 2004... I started this here blog in May of 2004 - right after I moved to Denver to go to grad school. However I had a blog on Xanga that I started in...2003, I think that was deleted and lost to the cosmos forever. That's too bad because I had a really funny post about carpooling chickens after the 605 in LA was shut down because there were chickens in the carpool lane.

But I didn't celebrate any sort of blog-o-versary because I don't blog all that much. I also just plain forgot.

I was also struck by her comment that blogs were rare enough that there was a sense of community between bloggers that found each other through mutual friends (virtual or real life), interests, etc. It's not as much like that anymore. Or maybe it is - I only interact with blogs through my feed reader. What do I know?

I HAVE been remembering to do stuff like my job, and make dinner, and watch Enterprise or TNG on SciFi at night. Sometimes I watch USA shows like In Plain Sight, too. Other times, on weekends I'll watch marathons of ANTM. I twitter, I sometimes knit, I obsessively read the forums on Ravelry.

You see, my life has become a paragon of glamour and excitement. Wouldn't you just love to swap lives with me? Yeah, you know you would.


(out of fear of jinxing it, I'll just say that I think I may be going to London for work in October. And maybe hopping on a train to hang out with Chris and the Child Bride for a day or two before coming home. Or going to Bravissimo.)


Chris Cope Thursday, July 03, 2008 6:21:00 am  

Well, of course, I trump your ass because I started blogging in 1990: http://www.chriscope.co.uk/1990/01/retropost.html

Dude, I totally hope you can visit in October. Although, I will have to find a new Really Impressive Pub to take you to. The one I used to take visitors to recently changed its menu, so now it is only sort of impressive.

heatherfeather Thursday, July 03, 2008 8:13:00 am  

Yes, I remember your 1990 blog post. It was impressive because I was on Prodigy at the time and didn't have access to this "internet" thing and didn't quite understand there was more to the world that Prodigy BBS.

If there is Welsh being spoken anywhere and I can say "bangers and mash" without people laughing in my face for saying "bangers and mash" I will be suitably impressed.

Bryony Ramsden Thursday, July 03, 2008 4:24:00 pm  

Bravissimo rocks big time :D But why teh hell aren't you coming up north you hag?! :(

Will you practise Cock-er-ney ala Dick Van Dyke? Loverley :D

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