A new year, a new hat

Autobot Logo

It's not my hat, but it's the Pants' hat. He wanted a hat with an Autobot. So I thought of the We Call Them Pirates hat, naturally. Because really, can you think of even one thing between an Autobot and a Pirate that is different? Can you?

I don't believe you. The two are completely the same.

But I digress. Since they are the same, I figured I'd just use Autobots instead of skulls! However, the amount of detail involved in an Autobot logo is significantly greater than that of a skull. So, I had to write an Autobot chart for fewer than 32 stitches wide but greater than 8... And, since it was greater than 8 stitches wide, I couldn't do stranded colorwork.

And since the word intarsia makes me cry, eat my hair and throw up a little, I decided to do a doubleknit Autobot hat in approximately the same shape and layout as the pirate hat. (the fact that the color schemes reversing is a lame attempt at making the hat, say, actually transform was just an added, corny bonus).

TF Reverse

So when I cast on in November, I didn't realize I would cast on, knit, frog, re-cast on many many times trying to get it Just Right in size and design and technique.

TF Hat 4

But persistence pays off, because it is Just Right in size, I love it beyond words, it fits Pants perfectly and he has declared it my best knit ever. (I think the fact that he was the recipient may have also had something to do with the latter) I'm very glad that he's pleased because it took me 2 months to make a hat. Although technically since it was doubleknit, it is two, two, two hats in one. Whee! I actually liked the Telemark but it's really hard on my carpal tunnel syndrome... but,

The Pants, el Hombre, la pomme de mon oeil
pattern: we call them pirates (sorta), by helloyarn
yarn: Knitpicks Telemark in black and gray squirrel
needles: 3.25mm Inox circs
started: sometime November 2007
finished: 11 January 2008
mods: many! different technique, different motif, different yarn. I had to wind up casting on 2 fewer stitches per panel in order to get it to fit, since I wouldn't have those floats making it snugger.
notes: yay! I love it! He loves it! My hands are tired!

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